Julian Edelman discusses ‘cliff theory’ about Tom Brady!

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Julian Edelman defends Tom Brady!

Julian Edelman discusses 'cliff theory' about Tom Brady!


Julian Edelman discusses 'cliff theory' about Tom Brady!

The recent Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman was on ESPN to discuss Max Kellerman's theory that Tom Brady will fall off of a proverbial cliff. Kellerman has stated for several years that the New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady will take Sharp decline in productivity. Kellerman is a notorious Patriots hater and generally not a fan a Boston Sports clubs.

Tom Brady's favorite Target at wide receiver Julian Edelman shared his opinion of Kellerman's theory. The two men had a light-hearted conversation which included Moll Qerim and Stephen A. Smith.  Stephen A Smith and Molly Qerim are opposed to Max Kellerman's Theory. Stephen A. Smith says that he has not noticed a decline and Tom Brady's abilities as a quarterback. He asked Julian Edelman if he noticed a decline in Tom Brady at quarterback.  Edelman replied by saying that the New England Patriots operate on a week to week basis during the season. If the game plan calls for more running then passing or special teams then that is what they will do to win.

Pats Dynasty

The conversation also broadened to discuss sustained excellence and success of the New England Patriots. Stephen A Smith asked Julian Edelman broader questions such as how have the New England Patriots maintained their level of consistency for the last two decades? How does the coaching get players to buy in? Julian Edelman also went on to elaborate about what it is like play in a Super Bowl. He detailed the ebbs and flows of that particular game. When Max Kellerman raised the point that the last Super Bowl was the lowest scoring in NFL history it is an indication that Tom Brady is not as great as he used to be. Stephen A. Smith said that he doesn't just judge greatness by statistics. A players ability to rise in pressurized moments according to Smith also indicates greatness.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Tom Brady is headed for a proverbial cliff dive? Do you believe the Patriots dynasty will continue to have sustained success?

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